A Curious life. Those moments in life when we do not perhaps understand we are guided; when our permission given before we were born has to come into play to keep us on our path.

As I woke from a limited sleep on Sunday, 05 February 2012 at 21.25 I realise that as a medium I have had many instances that for me have sometimes defied explanation, at least until sometime afterwards.

Marriage is not made in heaven; it is made by man with its imperfections built in.

The impulse I felt to propose caught me in an unguarded moment as often happened during my life I proposed with no ring to hand. For me this has been part of my life as a medium. Having made that promise I followed the instinct that spirit commanded. It was right for its purpose and I followed its path.

On another occasion a former girlfriend Wendy who was so dear to me, became involved in what was again an impulse from spirit. I was on the wrong path, my material self had made a decision that my soul could not consolidate.

It was from this that in a disco “Scamps”, in Southend, being seated in the lounge area, that dear Wendy asked me innocently if I was coming round at the weekend, as was expected. I found myself lifted out of my body, placed beside it and I heard myself saying that I would not. I heard myself saying that I was breaking up with her I listened and said in my head screaming my thoughts “what are you doing?”

Wendy was devastated I cannot ever blame her. She meant so much to me and here I was breaking up with her, both she and I at the same time being party to a very great shock. The deed done I was placed back in my body and I too was crying… What on earth could I have said to make it better? There was nothing I could say. There was nothing at all I could do.

There have been several instances in my life when these significant changes caused by my wishes in spirit, altered by my “self” in the body have had to be corrected. Alterations which seem at times insignificant but have been life changing.

It happened with my martial arts, it happened with my dancing. I was a very good dancer and at one time while helping my friend at a wedding, we used to do the music, I found one night that I had somehow lost rhythm. It had gone for good. It expected it to be back next time I went out but it was never the same.

It was the same with playing guitar which I loved at some point it “just went” and I could not seem to play well at all. These changes were necessary because if successful all these different paths would have taken me away from my purpose here, my purpose of mediumship, of guidance of others for their betterment.

I knew when my eldest daughter was conceived because at that precise time I heard my soul, my spirit, say loudly in my head “It’s done” it is something that I shall never forget. Its (my) voice so impelling, commanding but in such a gentle way confirming the right direction in which way my life was to go.

I like so many have failed to hear what our soul says to “us” we have lost the art of listening to ourselves. Our soul is compelled only to do what we have set out to achieve, our goal set in spirit for the single purpose of experience of this life. This life IS a one and only life, but it is one of many and we should cherish it to the full.

So many years later I have now understood this simple yet  profound guidance so easy to listen too but so, so easy to block out, to lose control of. If we listen to our soul we should not need to ask “which way should I go” it will steer us and guide us on our path.

So many times we ask for our “Guardian angel” or Angel Gabriel or some other guiding light and what we are in fact doing is questioning ourselves, what we ourselves need is to listen to ourselves because only our soul knows the true way we should go, it is also called our “conscience” what think we need is some advice or help from another source perhaps our higher self, when in fact all we need is “advice” from that fragment of the soul that has invested it’s energies in this experience we call life.

It knows all there is to know about you. That does not mean to say it will divulge each and every notion for the future, you will only be made aware when the time is correct for the purpose of learning. There is no use at all for knowledge that steers you away from the experience you have yourself been sent here for, would be the purpose of that?

That is why I know that those times I have been taken over have been for my betterment as unwelcome as they were at the time. I simply did not understand and I was happy to indulge in what I (as in EGO) wanted.

It was not a waste of time because again it is all experience indeed the experience of being somewhat forcefully shifted, refocused has taught me so much. Had I not had those experiences then this existence would have been very different. Now I listen more even though life gets in the way of living so very often.

Should you be given every tool you need to avoid every difficulty you will encounter where is the learning in it? There would be little point in your (this) existence. This is a place of learning. We have here an unbridled and unparalleled chance to learn and to learn at such a pace that would take much longer in spirit.

To learn in four score and twenty is so much better than to take a thousand years.

This is why so many of the masters, great guides and others have had so many incarnations. A good friend of mine Sarah Tyler Walters, a great trance medium, her guide Master Chou has had at least eighteen thousand different lives. It is inexplicably intricate and mind-blowing what can be learned in that time, and of course it is shortened by experience here rather than in spirit. It is so much more enriched so valuable to learn.

Many say I do not want to come back here (Earth), I do so myself but one can see the advantages of it.

On the question of younger spirits and those who seem to exist only to cause problems in the world. You have to understand that this is a place of testing. It is of fighting against the lower self with all that entails. It is of experiencing all that this entails. We are here to learn, and of course we all know that we learn by mistakes, so we must make them, there is no choice.

If there is no learning there is no point in being here.

We are all at different levels that is why this place is so interesting and so challenging. It is exactly the way it’s meant to be. Don’t forget that old saying “He’s been here before” some of us have, in fact the greater proportion have.

The simple fact is that many have not. It is a brand new realisation for those new spirits. They will run around “like a child in a sweet shop” or a “Bull in a china shop” that is precisely why they are here, like a child to push the boundaries. We had to learn, so do they, we cannot judge them for going where we went before.

In my book is a passage which goes like similar to this. “It is no good telling a child that something is hot” “It is only when a child has grasped the hot poker that there is the conception of heat” Try explaining what heat is like. Try telling a blind from birth person what red is….

Some ideas or conceptions need experience, as well as explanations. Again in my book, it mentions “think how easy it is to walk, yet it takes a child at least nine months to master it” “Having to control this body is no easy thing, you can liken it to learning to drive, while it looks easy with an experienced driver it actually takes some time because the difficulties of co ordination are many”

We should not think that what we see is what everybody see’s it is not the same for everyone nor should it be. You have to remember to the law of Karma, constantly created. We may think we are on a high spiritual level yet many aggravate us with their stupidities…. Perhaps the likelihood of our constant interaction with them is the karmic test we have to master. Not in an arrogant or high handed way but one of “I see and watch, I understand and I let it go” that is controlling the karmic effect nullifying it, that is fulfilling your purpose. A debt repaid. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

You give out this challenge “From the post we have several people all experiencing difficulties. Those who have answered, those who are about to answer lol,  a Q. Knowing what you know now, spiritually and  physically, if you could turn the clock back, would you  A) change your life completely. b) Accept the life you’ve had/have. c) Wish for something slightly better – what would you want? Define.”

Personally I would not change a thing. I say that from a perspective of having had great hardship not on the context or comparison of starving in Africa of course. A good friend of mine has often described me as the unluckiest person he ever knew. That’s some accolade I can tell you.

No I would not change a thing because much of it I asked for, as a lesson and the rest is the test of “Have you learned it, can we push you further?” See how you react type of thing. This is a place of testing and we have come here to be tested. None are given more than they can handle.

We should not be judging others and saying “If man had been more attuned to spirit, the world would be a totally different place.” It may be true but we learn more by mistakes than anything.

You may think (being spiritual) I’m totally against education and money, No, just its abuse, those who abuse are the ones who are blind, deaf, dumb to reality of spirit but not necessarily.” we are not at all the same level, others are here to test us, we are to be tested this the way it should be. We should be content that they have started their road to purification.

We may be happier that we have proceeded a little further, perhaps. For myself I am constantly agog at how little I know.

Light to all.



I am to have my newest book republished in the near future should you be interested in a copy, let me know. psychic.nights@ntlworld.com This book is on development and is titled “Developing Mediumship – Using the new energies”.