This is incredible! Just sent this by a friend! Amazing! 8 3 2015. Thanks Kayleigh!

I would love to see Randi and co deny this… obviously its cold reading… isn’t it most of the time?

It just shows how ridiculous debunkers are. They are in the world of the flat Earth, and all of them will be consigned to the history bin of failed scientists.

Not only does this young boy tell of his own murder in a previous life, incredibly he takes his parents to the place where his body lies and if that is not enough, he tells the he is killed with an axe – and has a corresponding birth mark, yes we who are enlightened know what birth marks are they should really be called death marks but either is usable, he then takes them to where the axe was buried and wait for it…

He then takes them to the village where he lived and it is confirmed then the man – who he names, went missing a year before the child was born and then not only names the murderer but also confronts him and the man confesses and is jailed!

Now, if that does not in itself throw any well meaning sceptic into doubt – Yes we know debunkers will just ignore something they cannot disprove, so what’s new?

Enjoy, marvel and know there is far more to existing than some would care to admit and so many of us know. Who tries to benefit from this?

Governments, religions and media and materialists… why? They simple want control.

Free your self, free your mind and let the spirit of light into your minds and hearts. Then… We can have the world we truly deserve!

And more on children and past lives!

Light to all, always, Leo.