In 2012 I took art in a live aura video demonstration. It is a fascinating piece of equipment which seems to be so miss under used. What follows directly was what was said and reported after.

See the video.

“I would like to thank both Kevin & Keith and Brian who demonstrated his healing on two victims, and mine for clairvoyance lol.

The demonstration of this equipment and the full verification for those who participated whether demonstrating or attending was so well worth it.

We all know the Spirit is real and can effect so many changes in our lives. This tool is so effective to take away any small doubts that we all have.

The demonstration was a great success some of those attending stating they were “blown away” by what was being viewed. This is so completely different from still aura pictures.

Kevin ably demonstrated his skill in giving short readings based on what he (and all) saw live through this equipment. Kevin showed his considerable knowledge on is subject answering all questions asked some were fairly technical, in a simple and clear manner so all could understand.

Two or three asked when the next demonstration will be. We anticipate it will be in November but it is still to be arranged. It gives us great strength that it was so well received. WE shall let you know when they date has been finalised nearer the time.

Peace and light to you all, Leo.”

“We have had a review of the demonstration of Live Aura Video in the Spirit Messenger magazine.

Here it is. We have had a rash of offers to demonstrate again which we are now sorting. If you have applied please be patient, thank you.

It not only shows the aura, but the aura of a medium in contact with spirit. If you can enlarge it you can see shadows/energies where spirit come closer.

I have no doubt that in the future certificates will not be as essential as “living proof” of connection as this system gives. It is scientific not only based in science but developed through science. Its very basis was from a medical background.

In future scientific proof of a mediums ability should be all that is required. Certification for other courses would be additional not the be all of a persons abilities.”