If you  look at any sites that so called experts give on readings you will see much non sensical advice is given. That cold reading as it is called, is “all it is”.

Personally, I dont think that any reader should ask questions. The way it works is that the reading is usually set up by spirit, sometimes months ahead whether you are aware of that or not.

So, they (spirit) will know the reason that you have called. This certainly implies that they have those answers. A psychic and a medium are very different things. However, to many people there are exactly the same. Certainly to sceptics they are. Psychics work on the energies that surround a person and objects. They work with that energy.

Whilst, frustratingly, the same kind of information can still appear with mediumship, the source is very different. The source is a discarnate mind (yes we are talking telepathy!) Let me explain. If, for example someone has a great wish to “win the lottery” that hope can manifest in the aura. It can be seen and felt by a sensitive. A psychic may see it there and state “You will win the lottery” but it is only a prediction in the mind of a psychic if they cannot distinguish how they are getting that information. It is an expression of what someone wants, not a reality.

If that information comes from spirit then there is a very real possibility that it will happen. Of course you have to buy the ticket… Which is where free will comes in. We have an enormous amount of free will perhaps much more than you would comprehend. Most importantly, It does not matter if a medium/Psychic say’s “you must turn left when you get to the end of the road!” IF YOU WANT OT TURN RIGHT, THEN DO SO. The service is there for guidance, for information spirit cannot take away your free will. Remember that. If a psychic or medium tells you different the walk away.

A good reader will only give information, will answer questions set by the client, which would naturally arise from the information that the reader gives. It is not too important, I think, to give names. I only give names when those in spirit really want me to. I dont believe there is much evidence in names and this is a place that sceptics and I agree. There is no point in reeling off a long list of names commonness to otherwise. How many John Smiths are there? Pointless. However, if you come up with a name in another language you dont speak…

Sometimes the best evidence is given when the information is not understood, surprised? Well, if a person you have on knowledge off, and the circumstances of their life, where they lived etc is given and you have no knowledge and no real choice but to investigate… And you find some long lost relative knows exactly who it is and how they lived their lives. Wouldn’t that make you think? I mean, that cant be cold read can it?

Talking  of which… No person can cold read an event that has yet to happen. If we are talking of general things like an election outcome, football match etc, But for example, and this was given to me in a reading, information on a house move within six months time that A, wasn’t wanted, B cannot in anyway be afforded, C, barring both those was not contemplated at all because where they were living was all they wanted. To make such a bold statement, blatantly contradicting the person who of course knows their own mind and just as importantly, their own finances… And yet to have them call me back two months later to advise me that  “it has somehow worked out”, the money had turned up etc, and they where going to move… That is exactly where the sceptics fall down heavily.

If anyone can explain to me how that is cold read I would love to hear. You can first take a look at my reviews and see that this kind of thing has happened numerous times. Just what are the odds when someone knows their finances, knows their own mind and is “DEFINITELY NOT MOVING!” and then… They move. And while you are working that out… What are the odds of that thing happening hundreds of times over a few years? By the way… NO, I DON’T DO LOTTERY NUMBERS! Although I did have a student that won many times as she was manifesting a win. I would say that 23 times or so over a period of a year, some wins small but, a win or three that came in very handy indeed.

If you do get information you’re not sure of the worst thing to do is concentrate on it trying to prove the medium wrong. Make a note and thoroughly investigate it afterwards. You may just surprise yourself! Dont let it get in the way of the reading. Spirit are communicating what you need, NOT what you necessarily want. BUT, certainly unless 80 – 90% is right you should abandon the reading. It doesent necessarily  mean the reader is a fraud, we all have bad days. And we must forget that some sceptics and others do and will block a reader – why spend money and block I won’t ever figure out!

So the long and short of it. Yes, there are frauds our there. No, you should not give information away. Yes, you go for information (you wont necessarily get the information you want), but it will serve a purpose. Don’t forget the whole purpose of a reading? Confirmation that there is a life after this one. Barring some things you might need to investigate, it should all make sense to you. And finally, if it sounds like rubbish then it is! Nothing from spirit is complicated. If it doesent  resonate with you, leave it.