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“I met Leo through a mutual friend at a dinner. What he said to me about my life could never have been gleaned from a newspaper He’s the real deal and has a kind heart”  Love  Anthea Turner

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Here are some kind comments made…

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“Morning Leo been reflecting this morning. I’ve had quite a few readings over the years and I’d have to say you are the best I’ve had the privilege to meet thank you CB. 24 March 2017.”

Olesya Marsh

Personal Development, Hypnotherapy, Regression, Workshops

June 25, 2017, Olesya was a client of Leo’s

Exceptional authentic medium! Leo is an exceptional medium with authentic gift! Leo fully engages his deep empathy, compassion and even warm hearted humour in his delivery, making the whole experience comforting and reassuring, even healing. Highly recommend to anyone and I am certain to be back with Leo again next time I need clarity and guidance in my life. Thank you, Leo!

“Dear Leo, I have already had a reading on the 16th October 2016 at your place I contacted you through the website then you texted me. The reading was extremely accurate and I was very impressed how you told me almost like a story that actually was what was happening and going to happen to me and as time has passed the reading has made more and more sense.  I thank you for your insight and gift that you were able to warn me. MP”

“Hi Leo, I think you do an amazing job, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness within a reading and your balanced approach to everything.  There aren’t many people like you who are so endlessly patient with everybody and thank you for the help you’ve given me – I’m sure you’ve helped many people keep a steady path in times of difficulty.  I’m very pleased that your own business is taking off so well, that’s great news and much deserved as your dedication to your clients and the work you do outside your readings is so strong and much to be admired.  One of the reasons I come through to you is because of the recording as well as your expertise (which is obvious – of course you’re brilliant!)…… Much as I know this is work for you, I want you to understand that you are somebody I hugely respect and enjoy speaking with – you make me laugh (and hopefully I make you chuckle sometimes). G.T.”

“Amazing Medium reading from Leo Review: Leo is the real deal. I booked a reading with Leo and he was able to connect with my father. He described him exactly and his reading was right on target. He always connects and the guidance that comes out of a reading with him is extremely accurate and impactful!”

“Excellent! Review: A very talented medium who provided detailed insights about my future career and relationships. I can recommend Leo as a first class psychic.”

Accurate reading Review: Leo gave an accurate reading. He described somebody who 100% represented my Uncle. He gave such description of the type of clothes my uncle wore, and the kinds of words and phrases he used. He gave me precise information which only members of my family would know. The visit was in February and to this date, most of the things described have happened. He was able to describe personalities of extended family members and the relationships I have with them and their emotional impact on me.”

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