Leo and Michael, each with decades of experience, have seen and been through it all.

Leo and Michael, each with decades of experience, have seen and been through it all. In this loving, caring, heart-centred, open and honest series, Leo and Michael will share their individual journeys – the awesome and amazing, as well as the scary and the ugly.

If you are truly committed to working in the Spiritual Realm, it’s imperative that you know and understand the keys that both Leo and Michael have learned.

This information is priceless! yet it is free.

This information is priceless! The valuable lessons and information that Leo and Michael will share with you are so precious that a monetary price has not been set, although you have the chance to donate if you wish.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Whether you are a beginner or someone with many years of experience, this series will provide:

What this series will give you

1) A firm foundation and understanding of the Spiritual Realm 2) Ways to connect to Spirit in a safe and respectful manner 3) An understanding of the dangers and pitfalls of opening up to the Spiritual dimensions 4) Ways to keep yourself energetically clear, centred, grounded and protected andYou global human perspective One of the first things that we need to be aware of is protection! That is of the utmost importance We aim to shortcut the mistakes you may make in your spiritual journey, learn through us. How to protect yourself, the great need to trust your instincts and which guides are right for you.

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